Why This Blog is So Late


Oh, you need further explanation.  Well, excuse me! Humph!  Plain and simple procrastination has stopped me from writing my first blog post. That’s it.

So that not enough for you…Dang!  Just get all up and in my business, why don’t you.

The deeper truth is that I had/have this huge fear of failing.  A kind of crippling fear that has caused me to procrastinate, put off and any other way you want to put it, writing.  I tried before but never gave myself the space to actually succeed because I shut it down after 2 posts.  I wrote 4 or 5 short stories then stopped. I have written out  outlines for at least 2 novels but never wrote out “chapter 1”.

So by not giving 100% I actually failed.  I have realized the fear that I have been so “triumphantly” avoiding all these years.  I haven’t consistently kept up with a blog.  I haven’t shared any of my short stories. I haven’t started writing that novel.

But what’s different?

Short answer: I’m tired.

The long answer: maybe I’ll explain here, on this blog, over time.

But what it boils down to is that I’m over killing my own dreams.  There are enough haters in the world that will do that.  I’m now a Dream Chaser!  I have now decided  that I can no longer be on the sidelines of my own life, I’m the Quarter-back, I’m the Main Character.  I’m the Captain of the vessel and I can’t continue to get mad that the ship is in Antarctica when it’s supposed to be in Spain.

How are you feeding your fears? What do you plan on doing to stop that?